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January, 2017

We've reached our 36th year in business (since 1981). Some things have changed, but we're still here providing products and services with an emphasis on customer service. If you've never given us a try, please allow us to show you the difference.

More of our customers using older second generation rodenticide baits are noticing issues with resistance. If you are noticing bait disappearing but not finding a population reduction, try baits that contain one of the newer anticoagulant formulas found in products such as Generation Mini Blocks, Multi-Kill II and First Strike Soft Bait.

February, 2014

It's been five years since this page was updated.   Sorry for the oversight.

First, for our New York customers, there is the possibility that the NYS Pesticide Reporting Law will be repealed later this year.   This would take a tremendous burden off of Commercial Applicator businesses that must keep track of and report all of their applications.

Also, for companies offering traditional termiticide applications, we are pleased to offer Altriset Termiticide, a new generation of product that has a stop feeding effect on termites and is also classified as a reduced risk pesticide.   The product was originally introduced by DuPont but is now a Syngenta Product.

We have information available at our office in Spring Valley, NY or online at the manufacturer's web site.

February, 2009

With the current economic situation in place, there is a lot of concern about what to expect in terms of existing customers and whether we can maintain our customer base.  We are all looking at each other for guidance.

As a business owner, I can only suggest that though there is a significant amount of people having to scale back, there are many that will continue to use the services that our customers provide.  Many people will look to maintain their homes as they scale back on vacations and other expenses.

It is our opinion that everyone needs to focus on their business and pay attention to customers to remain viable and to even grow during the coming year.

April, 2008

We recently found out the New York State DEC is now requiring applicators to attach the pesticide label for the product that they are carrying in any application equipment along with the maximum capacity of the equipment.  They are now defining application equipment that is unattended and contains pesticide as a
"service container" and as such requires that information to be attached.

The suggestions for accomplishing this is to either use a luggage tag or attach a packing slip envelope to the equipment that will hold it in place and allow for changes to product that might be used in that application device.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about this.

February, 2005

As the new season begins, new posting signs are required for lawn applications within the state of New York.  The new signs must be 4"x5" or 6"x6" and must have required language, symbols and a place to write in the date and time.  We will have these available for sale in March.   

For pest control companies performing soil treatments for termites, there is a collective smile on their faces.  Phantom, the new termiticide introduced in 2003, has proven to be very effective and is finally allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.   There is also good reports from those using it for ant control and termite control.

In another area of concern, cockroach control using baits, the new MaxForce formulation, MaxForce FC Select, has proven itself to be an effective replacement for MaxForce FC, in situations where roaches no longer feed on it.  "Just like the old days" is what we hear from our customers.

March, 2004

Our New York lawn and tree care customers face new challenges as the Department of Environmental Conservation has revised a number of items concerning contracts and posting signs.  Details are available at the DEC website.

In a recent newsletter, in addition to summarizing some of the changes to the lawn regulation, we advised them to check the EPA registration numbers of products that they are currently applying against the numbers that they have used in the past for the purpose of recording pesticide use.  

When the manufacturer of a product changes because a company was sold, the manufacturer may amend the EPA registration number to reflect the change.  Thus, you may need to record the newer numbers in your records.

Also watch for amended uses.  Some products may no longer be used in or around homes but may still be used in commercial locations.  Other products may have regional restrictions (Nassau & Suffolk Counties).

We have suggested periodic review of the pesticide label from the product itself.  If you request or download a specimen label, be sure that fully matches the actual pesticide label.  Check either the front panel or back panel of the pesticide label and specimen label for print or revision dates that might help you be sure that the two are identical.

March, 2003

A Challenging Year for Rockland County

For Our Ornamental & Turf Customers:   (Pest Management customers, slide down)

Early Order Program ends Friday, March 28th!

Our annual Early Order Program has been mailed to you.  If you can assist us by letting us know what you need now, you can save money!  You don't even have to buy it or pay for it now.

"Exempt Pesticide Application"  Posting Signs for NYS  were purchased by a number of our lawn and tree customers in 2002.  These help to alert neighbors that though you made an application without notifying them, that the application was made using a notification exempt product, a step which can eliminate misunderstanding and aggravation  caused by an irate neighbor.  We will sell those along with the standard sign for New York that we have sold in the past.  The signs for exempt application will be larger (more wording) but will only cost between a penny or two more.

For customers that wish to notify, Rockland County has a service available on line that you can use to identify the neighbors surrounding your customers.  The cost is $150 for six months which gives you unlimited access with a password to this database.  

We're all hoping for a strong year after last year's draught.  We've had a good amount of precipitation.   With some snow plowing money in the coffers this year, many of you are starting out with an advantage and a renewed sense of optimism. 

New York applicators are now paying five times more than they paid for their certification and three times more for their business registration.   There is an awful lot of grumbling out there, but the state needs money and pesticide application businesses are a relatively easy target.  Besides, they need the money for more inspectors so that there is better enforcement of existing laws.   Besides, there are always more regulations to follow...


For our Structural Pest Management Customers:

The big news for 2003 is Phantom termiticide.  Finally, a new soil termiticide that is not a pyrethroid and is non repellent to termites.  While Premise and Termidor continue to be offered in almost every state except New York, we can finally breath a sigh of relief.

For most customers, using either Prelude, Talstar, Dragnet or Prevail has been an exercise in frustration as often one in three treatments result in a recall.  Due to the non-repellent technology in Phantom (chlorfenapyr), termites readily make contact with the product which results in superior control.

At the same time, BASF has also introduced Subterfuge, a hydromethylnon based termite bait.  While other baits start with untreated wood, a Subterfuge treatment starts with treated bait which speeds results.  Also, hydromethylnon has a proven track record in MaxForce insect control products.  

It is our opinion that both products will have a positive impact on the recurring problems with both soil termiticides and termite baits.

Air Sponge, a new odor control product, is quickly finding a place in our customer's "bag of tricks".  It effective for absorbing odor from skunks, cigarette smoke, cooking odors and other organic odors.  It has little odor of its own, but quickly bring relief for a range of odor problems.  Each 8 oz tub can last for up to thirty days.

Baiting for ants continues seems to be the way to go.  Of course you can continue to apply residual sprays, but more people than ever are aware and concerned about pesticide use.  You can dramatically minimize the amount of pesticide that is applied with baits - something to think about when considering one's liability relating to pesticide applications.

New York applicators have moaning and groaning about the much higher certification and business registration fees that they are now paying.  Category fees increased five times while business registration is now three times as much per year as it was.  The worst thing is that the fees are paid up front making the increases more traumatic than they need to be.


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