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Links to Important and Useful Sites For Product Information

Many of these sites feature labels and SDS (formerly MSDS) for you to download and/or print.  You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader for this.  Some of the sites provide a link to download that software from Adobe's website - the download is free.

AMVAC Chemical Corp - Orthene PCO Pellets, Prelude, NuVan Pro Strips

BASF (Lawn) - (was American Cyanamid) - Pendulum

BASF (Pest Management) Phantom, Termidor NY and Prescription Treatment Products including Cy-Kick, P.I., Tri-Die, Pro Control & Pro Control Plus aerosols, Avert bait products,  ULD pyrethrin products, Advance Termite Bait System, Alpine Products, Trelona Termite Bait, Vector System Products

Bayer Pest Management Products - Deltadust, DeltaGard G, Maxforce Products, Suspend SC, Tempo Products, Temprid Products

Bayer Turf & Ornamental Products - Bayleton, Compass, Merit, Tempo, ProStar, Sevin SL, Tempo Products,

John Bean Sprayers - (formerly FMC)  some of the best sprayers built....

Bell Laboratories - Ditrac, Contrac, Final, Fastrac, Terad, Protecta Bait Stations, ZP products

B & G Equipment Co. - hand sprayers, termite applicators, insect bait applicators, fly control products, insect pheromone traps and lures  and insect bait stations

Birchmeier - Swiss Made backpack sprayers and accessories, granular applicators, telescoping stinging insect applicatiors

Catchmaster - Rodent glue traps on cardboard and on plastic trays, fly unit replacement boards

Control Solutions Inc. - Off-patent products including Cyonara 9.7, Cyper WP, Cyzmic CS, D-Fense SC Optimate CS, Pramitol 25E, Taurus SC and Tekko Pro

CB Pro Products - see FMC below

R.E.Chapin Mfg - professional division merged with B&G Equipment Co. - see above

Cooperative Extension - Lots of useful information for you and links to other information

Creative Sales, Inc. - Tree implant products including Acecap, Medicap and Phoscap

Dow AgroSciences - Conserve SC,  Surflan,  and Team products

Dr. T's Nature Products - Now part of Woodstream - see below

DuPont Professional Pest Management - Now part of Syngenta PMP

J.T. Eaton - All Weather Bait Blocks, AC Formula 50, rodent bait stations of many types,  4 the Birds,  Stick-Em traps, Stick-A-Fly

EcoSmart - See ZoŽcon below.

Envincio LLC - See ZoŽcon below.

FMC (Pest Control & Turf Labels) - Astro, Cynoff, Dragnet, Talstar and Transport products and now (formerly CB Products) including D-Force, Invader, CB 80 Extra, CB 123 Extra, D-Foam, Stingray and other aerosols

Growth Products - Essential Plus, Fe++, Arbor Care, Autumn Care and other liquid fertilizer products

H.D. Hudson -  Green Garde line of spray guns and pumps, Hudson sprayers

Hannay, Inc - the finest hose reels and replacement parts

Lipha-Tech  - Rozol, Maki, Generation, First Strike Soft Gel and Aegis rodent bait stations

MGK (McLaughlin Gormley King) - Bedlam, Bedlam Plus, NyGuard IGR, Onslaught, RipTide, Vampyre, Vendetta products and others

Monsanto - Round-Up ProMax, Quik-Pro

Mycogen - See Dow AgroSciences above

Nisus Corporation - Bora-Care, Ni-Ban Granules, Ni-Ban FG, Ni-Bor, Tim-Bor, Web Out

Olympic Horticultural Products -Azatin XL

Paragon Professional Products - Conquer EC, Orthene PCO Pellets

PBI Gordon  - Trimec Classic, Super Trimec (ester formulation), SpeedZone, Ornamec, etc.

Prentiss, Inc. - Now ZoŽcon - see below

Rockwell Labs -EcoVia botanicals, various Invade, InTice, InVict and InVite products

Syngenta (Ornamental & Turf) - formerly Zeneca & Novartis -   Alamo, Banner Maxx, Heritage, Daconil products, , Endeavor, Primo Maxx, Scimitar CS, Subdue Maxx

Syngenta PMP (Pest Control) - Advion products, Altriset Termiticide, Arilon Insecticide, Archer IGR, Demon, Demand CS, Optigard products, Talon products

TeeJet Technologies (formerly Spraying Systems)  - TeeJet and other spray nozzles, spray guns, adapters

Valent - Dipel Pro

Whitmire-Micro-Gen - See BASF Pest Management above

Woodstream Corp - Havahart cage traps, Victor snap and glue traps, rodent control accessories, Dr T's and other animal repellents, Multi-Kill II Blocks

ZoŽcon (Wellmark/Central Life Sciences)- Gentrol, Golden Malrin, Precor, Quik-Strike, Zenprox products and Wasp-X

Newly added to ZoŽcon: (formerly Prentiss) - ExciteR, Essentria, EcoSmart Products

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