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We carry a wide variety of Pest Control, Lawn Care and Tree Care Supplies for the Professional applicator.  On this page, you will see our product list for applied products.  We also have separate pages covering equipment and arborist supplies.

Acecap - Orthene tree implant 3/8"

Acecap Mini - Orthene tree implant 1/4"

Advance Carpenter Ant Bait - granular ant bait

Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations - two baits for better acceptance

Advance Termite Bait System - Whitmire-Micro-Gen's termite baiting product

Advion Ant Gel - indoxacarb based bait for ants

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait - indoxacarb based bait gel for cockroach.

Air Sponge - odor control for a variety of organic odors

Aliette Signature - fungicide

Altriset Termiticide - new reduced risk termiticide.

Apicide - 5% carbaryl dust for carpenter bees, honeybees, wasps and hornets

Armicarb 100 - potassium bicarbonate (baking soda) fungicide - broad spectrum - notification exempt 

Astro - general use insecticide for turf and ornamentals

Avitrol #070 - whole corn pigeon

Azatin XL - neem oil insecticide - notification exempt

Bat-A-Way - bat and squirrel repellent - contains naphthalene

Bayleton 1% Granular - Bayleton granular fungicide

Bio-Mop - mop water additive to help in the control of small flies

Bora-Care - glycol based borate wood preservative

Borid - boric acid dust - notification exempt

Catalyst - emulsifiable concentrate (formerly Safrotin) - no residential uses

CB 80 Xtra - crack and crevice/fogging  .5% pyrethrins aerosol

Cleary's 3336 - flowable fungicide concentrate

Compass - broad spectrum fungicide - notification exempt

Conserve SC - insecticide - notification exempt

Conquer - emulsifiable insecticide concentrate

Contrac Blox - our most popular rodenticide block - contains bromadialone

Contrac Meal Bait Pack - a quality meal bait - contains bromadialone

Crop Spray - 6% pyrethrins concentrate - multipurpose

Damoil - dormant and summer horticultural oil - notification exempt

Delta Dust - a water resistant insecticide dust - contains deltamethrin

Deltagard G - granular insecticide - contains deltamethrin

Demand CS - microencapsulated insecticide - for pest control, trees and lawns

Demon EC - pest control insecticide with cypermethrin

Demon TC - same as above but additionally is labeled for termite control

Demon WP - wettable powder formulation - cypermethrin

Deobase - deodorized base low odor solvent

Dipel Pro - BTi insecticide for lepidopterous insects - notification exempt

Ditrac Blox - a low cost bait block

Ditrac Tracking Powder - kills rats & mice - contains diphacinone

Dragnet FT - termiticide - contain permethrin

Drain-Gel - bacterial enzyme based drain cleaner

Drax PF - ant gel with protein base for protein feeding ants

Drione Insecticide Dust - desiccant dust for many insect pests - contains 1% pyrethrins

Dylox 6.2G - granular triclorfon insecticides for grub control

EcoPCO AR-X Aerosol - botanical based residual aerosol for flush and quick knockdown

Endeavor - insecticide for control of aphids and whiteflies - notification exempt

Essential - organic matter for trees and lawns or any plant  - great in place of nitrogen

Exciter - same as Crop Spray - 6% pyrethrins

Fastrac Blox - rodenticide blocks containing bromethalin

Fe ++ - see Iron Max below...

Final Soft Bait - soft bait containing brodifacoum

First Strike Fast Bait - difenthialone firm gel bait - revolutionary new delivery method

4 The Birds - tacky gel to discourage pigeons from landing in applied areas

Generation Mini Blocks - bait block with difenthialone - 3rd generation rodenticide

Gentrol IGR - emulsifiable IGR - contains hydroprene - pints and control packs

Gentrol IGR Aerosol - injectable and surface applicable aerosol IGR

Giant Destroyer - smoke cartridges for rats, woodchucks and other burrowing animals

Grass Seed - A three seed rye grass and a sun and shade mix

Harmonix Insecticide - Pyrethrum concentrate with residual properties.

Healthy Ponds Commercial Products & Mosquito Control - products to maintain water quality and appearance

Heritage - broad spectrum fungicide - notification exempt

Hot Sauce - concentrated capsaicin - use with Vapor Gard - notification exempt

Iron Max (formerly FE ++) - Iron and Sulfur Concentrate for turf and trees

Kicker - 6% pyrethrins - same as Crop Spray - pest control

Liqui-Tox II - liquid anticoagulant concentrate for water stations for rats and mice

M-Pede - (formerly Safer Soap) fatty acid insecticide for trees and ornamentals - notification exempt

Mavrik Aquaflow - flowable ornamental pyrethroid insecticide

MaxForce FC Ant Bait Gel - for control of many ant species

MaxForce FC Ant Stations - exceptional for Pharaoh Ants, kills others - notification exempt

MaxForce Fly Spot Bait - use indoors in non serving areas of restaurants and outside on building surfaces.

MaxForce FC Magnum Bait Gel - superb gel insecticide for cockroaches

MaxForce FC Carpenter Ant Bait Gel - gel control for this ant only

MaxForce FC Roach Bait Stations  - notification exempt

Medicap FE - iron implants to correct chlorosis

Medicap MD - fertilizer implants - 3/8"

Medicap MD Mini  - fertilizer implants - 1/4"

Merit .5% Granular - granular lawn insecticide

Merit 75WP & WSP - systemic insecticide for certain lawn and ornamental pests

Microbe Max - aerosol foam drain cleaner containing bacterial enzymes

Mosquito Repelling Granules (formerly Mosquito & Gnat Scat) - non toxic, non pesticide mosquito & gnat repellent

Mosquito Dunks - water soluble BTi mosquito larvicide

Multi-Kill Bait Blocks - rodenticide blocks - contains difenacoum

Niban FG - boric acid granular insecticide for roaches, crickets and silverfish

Nilozyme - enzyme based drain and waste digester

Nu-Film 17 - spreader sticker and extender and anti-desiccant

Nu-Film P - premium pinolene spreader sticker

Nutri-Leaf 20-20-20 - soluble fertilizer

Orthene PCO Pellets - no longer registered in New York State - for application at commercial sites only

Orthene Tree, Turf and Ornamental -  acephate soluble powder

Pendulum 2G & 3.3 EC - preemergent herbicide for annual weeds

Phantom - non repellent termiticide containing chlorfenapyr

Precor IGR - Flea growth regulator - contains methoprene

Prelude - insecticide/termiticide - for termites and general insect control - permethrin

Premise Foam - ready-to-use Aerosol foam for wood and void treatment

Pro Control - total release aerosol with .5% pyrethrins

Pro Control Plus - same as above but with .1% cyfluthrin (Tempo)

PT 221L - contains lambda cyhalothrin (Demand CS)

PT Cy-Kick - cyfluthrin (tempo) crack and crevice aerosol

PT Orthene - acephate crack and crevice aerosol

PT Perma-Dust - boric acid aerosol

PT PI - .5% pyrethrins crack and crevice aerosol

PT Tri-Die - silica gel & pyrethrins aerosol

PT Wasp Freeze - powerful spray for stinging insects

Purge Deodorizers - for Time Mist units

Purge III - fly control for Time Mist units

QuikPro with Roundup - glyphosate herbicide with diquat for quick knockdown - packets & bulk

Rat-A-Way - naphthalene and sulfur combination rat and mouse repellent

Roundup Pro - soluble non selective glyphosate herbicide

Scythe - non selective, quick killing herbicide - notification exempt

Sevin 4 Flowable - flowable carbaryl insecticide

Snake-A-Way - naphthalene and sulfur combination snake repellent

Subdue Maxx - emulsifiable fungicide concentrate

Super Trimec - ester formulation for cool application temperatures

Surflan AS - preemergent herbicide for annual weed in plant beds

Talon G 25g Mini Pellet Bait Pack - rodenticide - contains brodifacoum

Talon G Mini Pellets - loose pellets - contains brodifacoum

Talon G Pellets - large pellet - contains brodifacoum

Talon Weatherblok XT - block formulation - contains brodifacoum

Talstar Aerosol Insecticide - multipurpose aerosol containing bifenthrin

Talstar Professional - multipurpose insecticide containing bifenthrin

Tempo 1% Dust - multipurpose dust - flows well

Tempo SC Ultra -low odor water based cyfluthrin concentrate

Tempo Ultra WP - wettable powder cyfluthrin concentrate

Terad3 Blox - rodenticide blocks containing cholecalciferal

Termidor NY - special label for New York with limited outdoor uses

Tim-Bor  - borate soluble insecticide for wood treatment

Transport Mikron - insecticide combination providing excellent control of bedbugs and other pests

Trimec Classic Broadleaf - the standard postemergent herbicide

ULD BP Insecticides - 50, 100 & 300 - .5%, 1% and 3% oil based pyrethrins

Vapor Gard - anti-desiccant and spreader sticker/extender

Vector Bio 5 - drain cleaner and mop water additive for small fly control

Victor Multi-Kill Blocks - weather resistant bait block containing difenacoum

Whole Control - Caster Oil mole, vole, armadillo and prairie dog repellent

ZP Rodent Bait - zinc phosphide based pelleted bait

ZP Tracking Powder - indoor zinc phosphide based tracking powder for mice


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