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Environmental Chemical Co., Inc. offers a full range of equipment.  We also try to maintain parts availability for these products.  We also service what we sell (see our services page).

American Optical Replacement Respirator Cartridges

Backflow Preventer - inline hose type

Bait Station - Protecta LP - low profile, tamper resistant, high impact plastic  rat bait station, indoor/outdoor

Bait Station - Protecta Mouse -large, tamper resistant, high impact plastic  mouse bait station

Bait Station - Protecta Rat - large, tamper resistant, high impact plastic rat bait station

Bait Station - Protecta RTU - compact, tamper resistant , high impact plastic bait station

Bait Station - Protecta Side Kick - low cost, tamper resistant plastic bait station

Bait Station - Rodent Baiter for Mice - lightweight, indoor use

Bait Station - Rodent Baiter for Rats -lightweight, indoor use

Bait Station - Liquid Feeding - for use with Liqui-Tox II

Bait Trays - 4 oz - open bait trays

Bee Gloves - protects the hands and lower arm

Bee Pole - telescopic pole for use with aerosol cans

Bee Veil - protects head, face and neck

B & G Carrying Cases - sturdy plastic cases that look professional

B & G N124-S - the industry standard

B & G Termite Rods - stand up and compact models are available

Birchmeier Senior 20K - the best made backpack out there - normally sold in 5 gal size

Birchmeier Telescoping Wand - light weight extension with two five foot sections provide reach for spraying buildings and small trees and shrubs

Catchmaster Gluetraps - mouse size available with cardboard backing and in plastic trays, rat size available in extra large size cardboard or plastic

Centrobulb - dusters and granular applicators available as well as 6" and 12" extensions

Corks - tapered for use in sealing drilled openings

Coveralls - disposable Kleergard brand by Kleenex is constructed of spun olefin fabric that provides some ventilation

Drill Bits - we carry three different length 1/2" spline shank bits

Drum Pump - for use with 55 gallon drums

Dustick - extendable pole dust applicator

Dustick Aerosol Can Holder - an accessory for above unit

Eaton Elephant Size Gluetrap - extra large double sized rat glue trap in plastic tray to capture the toughest rats without tipping or flipping over

Flying Insect Trap - Victor M362 may be use for yellow jackets, house flies or fruit flies

Fly Ribbon - Victor ribbon traps that are very economical

FMC (Now John Bean) 785 Spray Gun - the choice of arborists that want the greatest height from their spray gun with good, solid flow control

Gold Stick - Catchmaster fly glue trap with attractant included

Gloves - Disposable Vinyl - may be used for pesticide mixing or application - lightly powdered, reusable

Gloves - Gauntlet Style - heavy neoprene gloves for pesticide handling - rolled cuff to prevent dripping onto arms

Goggles - American Optical vented type

Green Garde - a great lawn gun and a tree gun

Guard 'N Eyes - scarecrow balloon - effect for scaring woodpeckers and other birds

Hannay Reels - small manual and electric rewind units and large electric rewind model in stock

Herbi, Microfit - an alternative weed control applicator that uses herbicide very efficiently and is virtually silent

Havahart Traps - small traps for mice to very large traps for medium sized dogs or large raccoons that capture nuisance animals without harm

Hercules Putty - an aid in securing glue traps and bait stations to a variety of surfaces

Hose - suction hose, spray hose, sight tube are available

Low Line Cockroach Trap - compact roach trap by B & G

Mantis Fly Trap - Pest West unit -attracts flies onto a glue trap behind the units UV bulbs

Mouse Master - mechanical wind-up trap to capture up to 15 mice with one winding

MSA Respirators & Replacement Cartridges - Comfo Elite mask is in stock in both Medium and Large facepiece size

MSA Ultra Twin Respirator - full face respirator

Natural Catch Plus - a non poisonous trap for fruit flies

Neegards - soft rubber kneepad

Pageris Foam Gun - the professional tool for applying sealing foam products for pest control or for keeping moisture out of tree wound areas

Pheromone Insect Traps - we stock the Indian Meal Moth and Webbing Clothes Moth traps - others available

Pest Chaser - regular, Super and new professional unit

Pest Pistol - Plastic dust applicator - Getz type

RL Flo-Master Industrial Sprayers - 1,2 & 3 gallon models with brass extensions - we carry spare parts

Root Feeder - Green Garde - use with Green Garde JD-9C spray gun

Scrubs In A Bucket - disposable two sides wipes - great item!

Signs for Posting - we carry NY specification 6"x 6" signs

Snap Traps - rat and mouse, standard and expanded trigger

Sound Ban - light weight hearing protection

Spray Units - John Bean Sprayers and Easy Lawn Sprayers

Spraying Systems Spray Guns - several available

Stick-A-Fly - camouflaged fly glue trap with attractant

Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlights - SL 20XP-LED and Stinger LED in stock

Stuf-it - brass mesh for animal proofing

Temp Vent - installs to provide temperature regulated ventilation into basements and crawl spaces

Time Mist Dispenser - releases deodorant or fly killer spray every 15 minutes - uses metered aerosol cans

Vector Classic System - quality stun-type fly unit that captures flies on a glue pad

Vector Eclipse - decorative fly unit for use in dining areas or other descrete situations

Vector Plasma and Vector Plasma One - advanced design fly units without stun feature

Victor Insect Monitor - banana scent roach glue trap

Victor Mouse Holdfast - a great cardboard style gluetrap

Whitmire System III - a professional applicator for aerosols

Willson Replacement Cartridges - cartridges and pre-filters are available for these respirators


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